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Holter Monitor

Holter Monitor

A Holter monitor is a small battery powered device which records all your heart beats over a 24-hour period. Most commonly the monitor is fitted for assessing irregular rhythms, palpitations, dizziness and/ or fainting.


One of our Technicians will apply five electrodes across your chest which connect to the device which sits in a pouch on your pants. Shaving of excess body hair may be necessary for optimal placement of the electrodes. A small event button is located on the device and we ask you to press the button if you feel any symptoms throughout the recording period.


You are unable to shower or swim with the device fitted and vigorous exercise is discouraged so that the electrodes do not disconnect with excessive sweating. Normal work may be continued and basic household duties can be performed.


The monitor is to be returned to the clinic 24-hours after it has been fitted where it will be removed. One of our Technicians will then download and review the data preparing a preliminary report for the Cardiologist.


The Cardiologist will complete a comprehensive report to be sent to your referring Doctor.


This is a non-invasive test performed in our diagnostics room. We ask that you wear loose fitting clothing to allow for the electrodes and leads to be fitted.